The official title of the DC Police Union is the Fraternal Order of Police, Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee (FOP). The Executive Committee of the DC Police Union is composed of 5 officials who are elected at large by the approximately 3600 members of the DC Police Union. The DC Police Union Executive Committee is composed of the Chairman who is the chief executive officer of the organization, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Executive Steward. The DC Police Union Executive Committee exercises general administrative authority and is empowered to act on behalf of the Labor Committee. The DC Police Union's Executive Committee is part of the DC Police Union Executive Counsel that includes 15 Chief Shop Stewards.


Matthew N. Mahl
Email: mmahl@dcpoliceunion.com
Phone: (202) 368-3974


Stephen Bigelow
Email: sbigelow@dcpoliceunion.com
Phone: (202) 368-2876


Russell Mullins
Email: rmullins@DCpoliceunion.com
Phone: (202) 276-7474


Jimmy White
Email: jwhite@dcpoliceunion.com
Phone: 202-368-8183


Greggory Pemberton
Email: GPemberton@DCpoliceunion.com
Phone: (202) 236-8646




The 15 DC Police Union Chief Shop Stewards are responsible for coordinating, transmitting and implementing DC Police Union policy and all bargaining agreements, and managing the grievance apparatus at the divisional level. Along with the DC Police Union Executive Committee, the DC Police Union Chief Shop Stewards make up the DC Police Union Labor Committee Executive Council.

First District

Nicholas Deciutiis
Email: ndeciutiis@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-7523

Second District

Samuel McGee
Email: smcgee@dcpoliceunion.com
Phone: (202) 276-8880

Third District

Ben Fetting
Email: bfetting@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 412-0831

Fourth District

Medgar Webster
Email: mwebster@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-7088

Fifth District

Robert C. Ferretti Jr
Email: rferretti@dcpoilceunion.com
Cell: (202) 560-7437

Sixth District

Robert Underwood
Email: runderwood@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 615-4822

Seventh District

Hiram Rosario
Email: hrosario@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-7115

Youth Investigation Division

Ronald Palmer
Email: rpalmer@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-8020


Elise Brown
Email: ebrown@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-7186

Narcotics and Special Investigations Division

Gregg Archer
Email: garcher@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 996-4461

Police Academy/Professional Development/Patrol Support

Curtis “Kip” Coleman
Email: ccoleman@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-7394

Property/Central Cellblock/Identification and Records/Headquarters Staff

Doris Brown
Email: dbrown@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-7622

Corporate Support Bureau/
Court Liaison

Johnathan W. Branch
Email: jbranch@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-8588

Office of the Superintendent of Detectives/Force Investigations/Forensic Science Division

Kimberly Lawrence
Email: klawrence@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-8509

Special Operations Division

Michael Pratt
Email: mpratt@dcpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-5802

Union Representative

Monica Waleed

Labor Consultant

Phil Burton
Email: PBurton@DCpoliceunion.com

Office of Police Complaints Representative

Monica Crichlow
Email: MCrichlow@DCpoliceunion.com
Cell: (202) 276-8080

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