December Newsletter

Our December Newsletter covers the latest issues concerning the Union. Check it out and learn about AHOD updates, your dental and vision insurance information, news regarding the DC Police Union and FOP Lodge #1’s reconciliation, and much more! You can also click here to view the newsletter as a pdf.


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November Newsletter

The DC Police Union has released its November newsletter. It covers topics such as AHOD, Photo Radar Tickets, an update regarding Class/Group Grievances and Arbitration decisions, and much more!


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October Newsletter

The October Newsletter is here! It covers topics such as AHOD, the proposed dues increase, why it is so important for the DC Police Union to engage the community, Chief Lanier’s poor management, and more.


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September Newsletter

Check out our September Newsletter! It covers your rights when it comes to scheduling, an AHOD update, our No Confidence Vote: After Action Report, and more.

Click here to see the September Newsletter as a pdf!


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August Newsletter

Our Newsletter for August is here! Learn about the latest issues in the Union concerning our next General Membership Meeting, the status of AHOD, improvements the Executive Committee made in communicating with members, and the differences between details and assignments.

Click here to see the August Newsletter for yourself!


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July Newsletter

MEMBERS: Here is our July Newsletter! It covers topics such as AHOD, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Poisonous Affect of Bad Faith in the Labor Management Relationship, and more.

Click here to check out the Newsletter and learn about the latest issues surrounding our Union!


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June Newsletter

MEMBERS: Here is the second issue of our new Newsletter covering topics such as the overtime adjustments, your rights as a police officer, the status of our collective bargaining agreement, and more!


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Over the past year, the DC Police Union has worked hard to inform members about relevant union news and make it easier for members to be engaged. As a natural extension of these efforts, we have launched a new Newsletter that provides an occasional overview of the most pressing issues facing members.

This Newsletter, which will be the first of several throughout the rest of the year, provides you with an overview of the Union’s state of affairs. It describes the latest news surrounding the All Hands on Deck Initiative, the Union’s increased online presence, the Court Automated Notification System, the Office of Police Complaints, the Union’s Arbitration, Member Benefits updates and other important information.


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