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  • The New Chairman's Agenda
    Posted On: May 22, 2018

    The Chairman's Inaugural Message
    New Union Administration Announces Top Priorities
    Chairman Stephen Bigelow Jr.

    WASHINGTON (April 2018) –Stephen Bigelow Jr. announced the top priorities for his administration as he assumed the Chairman position of the DC Police Union.
    Chairman Bigelow will focus on membership participation, information, and compensation in his first six months in office, specifically:
    * Seat All Committees: “Committees are the backbone of this Union,” Chairman Bigelow said. Many of these committees have been vacant for far too long.
    * Start a Monthly Newsletter: The goal of the newsletter is to keep our members informed of Union activities throughout the year such as union meetings, dental, vision and other benefits available to our members.
    * Form the Discipline Committee:The goal of the discipline committee is to create a truly progressive discipline system that is fair and impartial. "The department’s discipline system is too bureaucratic and punitive.  I don’t believe every mistake should require IS #’s. Sometimes counseling is all that’s needed to correct a problem with an officer.”
    * Clear up the backlog of Grievances:“We will work with the department to clear up the grievance back log. It takes far too long for a grievance to make its way through Arbitration. Our members deserve better.” The Union is currently cataloging all of our grievances and will be working to clean up, old and outdated grievances that are jamming up the system."
    * Negotiate the Best Contract Possible: “We will work tirelessly with the City to meet as frequently as necessary to negotiate the best contract that we can.”
    * Unite this Union:  The 2016-2018 term of the Executive Council was very contentious to say the least. There were numerous discipline hearings, impeachment motions and there was even a recall vote. It felt like we were spending more time with discipline hearings then we were actually working to make your lives better. If we are going to succeed as a Union we must put our differences aside and work together across all districts.

    This is my agenda for the first six months of my term; I need your help in accomplishing these goals. I want to encourage members to attend general membership meetings as a show of strength. As we move forward we must come together as brothers and sisters and make this Union stronger and more effective. I truly believe that if we are united, nothing can stop us.

    I would like to thank you all for allowing me the privilege to serve as the Union Chairman. I am humbled by this honor and I will work hard every day to make your lives better and safer.

    Thank you,

    Stephen Bigelow Jr.

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