2021 Proposed Bylaw Modification Vote (Dues Increase)

Membership Referendum on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 0500-2100

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Draft By-Laws

The Union plans to present a referendum to the membership on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 from 0500 to 2100 hours to update and modernize the organization’s by-laws. The by-laws were last updated nearly 40 years ago. Police unions all over the country have been under attack for the past year. Ours is no exception. Elected officials, activist groups, and police “reformers” are making catastrophic changes to our working conditions and protections. They have made you out to be the criminal, while actual criminals now taunt us, and terrorize their neighborhoods. Your Union needs your help. In order to provide you the best protections, we need to increase revenue. Part of this referendum will include a minor dues increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will It Be Used For?

  • Contract Negotiations - Negotiations have officially begun and consultants are needed
  • Preparing for probable legislation that eliminates members “qualified immunity” (H.R. 1280)
  • Pending Litigation - Continuing to resolve member’s grievances / Increased Arbitrations
  • Pending Legislation - Funding for several court battles to fight the elimination of due process
  • Protecting due process rights and a fair disciplinary system
  • Community outreach - Need to communicate directly with citizens
  • Communications - Need to increase methods of communications with members
  • Commissary - Improve infrastructure and budget to provide better and more regular commissary functions
  • Members in Need - Improve the Union’s ability to fill in the gaps of certain demands during an emergency, like PPE or other necessities
  • Allow the Union to be more beneficial to members in emergency situations or serious injury.
  • Bolster the Union’s ablility to assist family members of fallen officers

How Much is the Proposed Dues Increases

  • Current Dues: $23.15
  • Proposed Dues: $34.67

Why Do We Need It?

  • Contract negotiations are scheduled to begin this year, consultants, lawyers, and salary specialists are expensive but necessary to achieve our goals.
  • There is pending Federal legislation that eliminations ‘qualified immunity’ for all police officers (H.R. 1280). If this legislation passes, the Union will need funds to develop and insurance program that protects our members.
  • We’re currently fighting major legislative changes to police oversight and police discipline systems. If these changes are permanent, the Union will face serious financial burden in defending members and holding Management accountable.
  • The Union has adopted new policies that have sped up the grievance / arbitration process – this is a very successful practice, but has costly legal expenses.
  • Police Unions may be the only remaining entities that advocate for law enforcement and pro-police policies. To speak directly to the citizens and stakeholders, unions must spend on PR and community outreach.
  • The scheduling disruptions and deployment for the past year has been unbearable. The Union is not currently equipped to provide commissary functions for such extended periods of time. Additional financing would allow your Union to be better prepared to provide commissary functions to the front lines in these scenarios.

How Will It Help You?

  • Having the right resources for contract negotiations could mean more money in your pocket and more rights and protections at work
  • Funding efforts to challenge bad laws could mean better success in the court system, meaning better working conditions for the rest of your career
  • Funding administrative challenges in arbitration and the courts could mean less management violations of the CBA and other rights to our members
  • Funding the Union’s efforts to challenge management’s actions will mean more due process and a fairer system for our members
  • More funding of our communications network means more citizens that understand our challenges and a more informed Union membership
  • Better funding of our commissary means more frequent visits by Union food providers and better meals and snacks while members are on the front lines
  • When emergencies hit and MPD is not prepared, the Union can step up and fill in the gaps of certain demands, like PPE or other necessities
  • In catastrophic situations like fallen officers or other loss, the Union can provide some assistance to those left behind with legal and/or financial aid.

How does it compare to other major cities?

  1. Baltimore PD $61.80
  2. NYPD Sergeants $48.36
  3. NYPD PBA $42.47
  4. Miami PD $31.50
  5. LAPD $30.78
  6. Houston PD $29.50
  7. Chicago PD $27.75
  8. MPDC (Current) $23.15