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DC Police Union – Daily News Clips – December 6th, 2016


Edgar Maddison Welch, 28, of North Carolina, was arrested Sunday evening for entering Comet Ping Pong and pointing an AR-15 assault-style rifle at an employee. According to court papers, Welch claimed he entered Comet Ping Pong to prove an Internet conspiracy theory that the restaurant harbored juvenile sex slaves. He faces several gun-related charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon. • Nearly 30 teenagers stormed into and robbed a Barracks Row 7-Eleven store over the weekend. In the Capitol Hill neighborhood, there have been a total of 12 robberies of this type at 7-Eleven stores since this summer. No suspect information is available.

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Crime Updates

Washington Post: Alleged gunman tells police he wanted to rescue children at D.C. pizza shop after hearing fictional Internet accounts “For 45 minutes, police said, Edgar Maddison Welch, cradling an AR-15 assault-style rifle, roamed the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant looking to prove an Internet conspiracy theory that the popular D.C. restaurant harbored juvenile sex slaves. The few patrons had fled before Welch shot off the lock to an inside door, sending a bullet into a computer tower. The North Carolina man then turned the gun on an employee who emerged from the back holding pizza dough. The worker ran out, unharmed. With D.C. police amassing outside on Sunday afternoon, Welch finally walked out with his hands up — but not before he finished his search.”

WJLA: Officials - Potential for violence from fake news troubling “The bizarre rumors began with a leaked email referencing Hillary Clinton and sinister interpretations of references to pizza parties. It morphed into fake online news stories about a child sex trafficking ring run by prominent Democrats operating out of a Washington, D.C., pizza joint. On Sunday, it culminated in violence when police say a North Carolina man fired an assault rifle inside the Comet Ping Pong restaurant as he attempted to ‘self-investigate’ the conspiracy theory known in the Twitterverse as ‘Pizzagate.’”

Fox5DC: Another DC 7-Eleven store hit in flash mob robbery “It has become a familiar scene in the District – flash mob robberies or pack thefts carried out by dozens of teenagers as they raid stores and steal items inside. The latest incident happened over the weekend at a 7-Eleven store in the Barracks Row area. Nearly 30 teenagers stormed into the convenience store, robbed it and eventually led to a police pursuit into the Metro tunnels afterwards. This same store was hit by a pack of teenagers once before earlier this year. In the Capitol Hill neighborhood, there have been a total of 12 robberies of this type at 7-Eleven stores since this summer. It’s not a new fad as these flash mob robberies have been happening in D.C. as far back as 2013 – an incident captured on camera.”

WJLA: GOP lobbyist adds $5K to reward for info on murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich “Jack Burkman, a GOP lobbyist, added $5,000 to an existing reward Monday for information on the murder of former Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich. Burkman previously offered a $100,000 reward in addition to a $25,000 offer from Metropolitan Police, according to PR Newschannel. In August, WikiLeaks offered it’s own $20,000 reward for information on Rich’s murder. The extra $5,000 brings the reward total to $150,000, which is the highest reward ever offered for a murder in Washington, D.C.”

Mayor and City Council

WTOP: DC mayor to meet with Trump at her request “D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is scheduled to meet with President-elect Donald Trump. LaToya Foster, a spokeswoman for Bowser, said the mayor will meet with Trump, at her request. Foster says the issues on the agenda are public safety, education, unemployment, infrastructure and D.C. statehood. Bowser, a Democrat, has noted that 93 percent of District residents voted for candidates other than Trump, and that ‘some mending of relationships’ is needed. Bowser skipped the highly publicized grand opening of Trump’s hotel.”

Washington Times: D.C. Council set to vote on paid-leave bill after months of revisions “Advocates and opponents of the D.C. Council’s paid family leave bill say the legislation still has key problems after months of revisions to assuage businesses. Lawmakers are to vote Tuesday on the Universal Paid Leave Act of 2105. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson has reduced the original bill’s payroll tax to fund the paid-leave program from 1 percent to 0.62 percent, the amount of maternity/paternity leave from 16 weeks to 11 weeks, and the amount of wage replacement from 100 percent of pay up to $3,000 per week to 90 percent of pay up to $1,000 per week. The revised bill also would limit leave to tend to a sick relative to eight weeks and does not include personal medical leave.”

Public Safety

Washington Post: Sinkhole shuts key street near Verizon Center “Part of a downtown thoroughfare outside Verizon Center was shut down Monday night by a sinkhole while a Capitals hockey game was underway. Sixth Street NW was closed between G and H streets by the hole, D.C. police said. The area around the center, which includes Chinatown, is a major dining and entertainment hub. Capitals spokeswoman Megan Eichenberg said street closures ‘impacted some’ arriving fans but were not a major problem.”

WUSA9: 5 displaced after neighbor’s house fire spreads to home “Five people were displaced after a neighbor’s house fire spread to their home in the District early Monday morning. The fire originally started at a home in the 4300 block of Iowa Ave. in Northwest. Fire officials say that home partially collapsed and the fire spread to the adjacent home. No injuries are being reported at this time. The 8 displaced neighbors require assistance from Red Cross. Fire officials say they are unable to search the home where the fire initially started because of its instability. The fire was first reported by paramedics who happened to be in the area, and it is causing delays on Iowa and Georgia Avenues.”

If you know anyone who has information regarding suspects, please call DC police.

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