The Poisonous Affect of Bad Faith in the Labor Management Relationship

While I was campaigning at patrol districts, I constantly heard from members “Please have a better relationship with management.” When the new term began, the Chairman met with MPD management and the Union hoped to rebuild what was a tense relationship through open communication and regularly scheduled meetings.

During one of the meetings, the Union and management came to a verbal agreement that before any major decisions were made that would significantly affect either side, (Class Grievances, Scheduling, Etc.) the other party would notify the other ahead of time in an effort to bargain where it’s required and come to an agreement. The Union honored the agreement and delayed serving a Class Grievance to the Chief in an effort to come to a compromise informally.

However, on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 during a “bargaining meeting” I asked both Mark Viehmeyer (Acting Director of the Labor Relations Branch) and Assistant Chief Peter Newsham if there was any truth to the rumors about a “Summer Schedule” being implemented for the patrol districts. Both of them looked me in the eye and said they have not heard about patrol’s schedule being altered and would notify me if they did. I reminded them about the prior agreement we made about notifying each other before making a decision that would greatly affect the Union membership.

After the meeting concluded and the Executive Committee began to leave the room, Assistant Chief Newsham pulled Chairman Burton to the side and informed him that the Chief was going to issue a teletype announcing the All Hands on Deck Initiative (AHOD) for 2015. This gave the Union approximately an hour notice before the teletype was published to the membership and absolutely no opportunity to work this issue out informally, completely ignoring our agreement.

Then on Friday, June 19, 2015 the administrative offices in all seven patrol districts published the new “Summer Schedule”, effective July 5, 2015. The new schedule changed some member’s days off, tours of duty, and assignments. Once again MPD management failed to honor the agreement and did not notify the Union at all that this change was coming.

What is next?

The Union will be serving the Chief’s Office a Class Grievance for AHOD 2015, for violating the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

If you are affected by the “Summer Schedule”, please contact your Chief Steward as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Your Frustration and options:

While it is obvious that MPD management does not respect that the membership has personal lives and plans with their families during the summertime, we must as a Union “Obey now and Grieve later”. Although there is no way for the Union to provide you with immediate relief, we hope after the grievance process is concluded that you receive the proper monetary compensation owed to you for these violations of the contract. It is clear from its behavior that management of the MPD learned nothing about taking care of its most valuable asset; its officers and that violating the contract and District law hurts everybody. This behavior negatively impacts the MPD’s ability to recruit and retain qualified candidates; negatively impacts the taxpayer as they are causing an unnecessary financial expenditure for a public relations stunt that has no effect on crime in the City.

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