Resolving Issues with FOP Lodge #1 Dues Reimbursements

In early 2015, shortly after we launched our new website, the Union offered members an opportunity to ‘Opt-In’ or ‘Opt-Out’ of paying dues to FOP Lodge #1 via a web portal. Some member’s opted-in, while others opted-out. Those who opted-out were slated to receive a dues reimbursement of their Lodge dues, per Article 3 Section 3 of the Union’s By-laws. Keep in mind Lodge dues are a separate amount from your Union dues—The Lodge Dues are currently $45/year and are included in your Union Dues payments.

At the end of the last fiscal year, the Union cut checks for those members in the amount that was pro-rated to reflect the number of months for which members had opted-out. However, the vast majority of those checks were undeliverable, returned, or not collected, even after repeated efforts to contact and remind individuals about the reimbursements (Most of the checks were for less than $50).

Because there are a small number of individuals who have participated in either opting-in or opting-out though the online portal, and also because it has proven difficult to manage the changes to the list on a month-to-month basis from a financial standpoint, we have decided to end the ability to opt-in or out online. Also, the money that was allocated for the reimbursements that went uncollected for 9 months will be returned to the Union’s operating account.

In order to rectify the problem of uncollected dues reimbursements moving forward, as well as some accounting and clerical issues with maintaining the list, the Union will be automatically moving all of those members into the ‘Opt-In’ list. This means that all members who opted-out via the web portal will be opted back in.

If you are a member of the DC Police Union and still wish to opt-out of dues payments to the FOP Lodge #1, you will have to respond to the Union office at 1524 Pennsylvania Ave SE during normal business hours and complete a new ‘Opt-Out’ form. This form will allow for better tracking of the dates in which reimbursements are owed to you, and give us the correct mailing address and contact information so that we can get you the reimbursement amounts in a timely manner.

This change in policy will help to resolve some internal accounting issues and also help to better serve our members who may or may not wish to opt-out of membership in the Lodge.

Please direct any questions about Union dues and/or Lodge dues to the Treasurer, Gregg Pemberton at

Posted July 28 2016 at 7:33 AM by DC Police Union Executive Committee | Permanent Link

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