Improvements in DC Police Union Leadership

Since beginning the 2014-2016 term the D.C. Police Union’s Executive Committee has been receiving constructive criticism from our membership about shortcomings of the Union and ideas on how to make things better. We have also taken a proactive approach to improving ourselves and making sure that our membership receives the proper representation. Listed below are examples of improvements and new methods and procedures used by the Union’s leadership team to improve representation and keep our membership involved and informed.

Request for Service Box: If you visit our website at and click on the “Take Action” tab you will see the Request for Service Box. This service was created in response to member’s complaints of difficulty contacting Chief Stewards at times that were convenient for the member for reasons including but not limited to working different tours, different days off, multiple locations, (e.g. District Detective Offices or Special Operations Division) When a member completes the request for service form it will be sent directly to members of the Executive Committee. The request will then be reviewed and forwarded to the appropriate Chief Steward who will contact the member and address the issue.

Steward Outreach: Members of the Executive Committee are beginning to meet with every Shop Steward to ensure they are receiving up to date information and have all the tools needed to properly represent you in the field. This is a great way to keep communication flowing from the Executive Committee directly to the general membership.

Recent Settlement Agreement: While working inside of MPD buildings you may have seen a Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) Notice posted on doors and walls. The notice is very vague and has little information to what actually occurred and what the violation was. The Union is now posting recent settlement agreements and the original complaint to PERB on our web page under the news tab.

General Membership Meetings: The Union is taking suggestions for the date, time and location of the next General Membership Meeting. It has been a very long time since a General Membership Meeting has had a quorum. In an attempt to increase attendance, the Executive Committee will try their best to schedule the meeting at the date, time, and location most requested by the membership. The meeting for the next quarter must be held before September 30, 2015.

Relationship with MPD: The Executive Committee has weekly meetings with MPD, where we negotiate policy and address concerns on both sides.

Relationship with D.C. City Council: The Executive Committee has met with and will continue to meet and work with members of the Council of the District of Columbia to address issues affecting the delivery of police service to the public and any issue impacting our membership. Issues discussed with the Council included the Union’s position on legislation (e.g. the Police and Criminal Discovery Reform Amendment Act of 2015 [APO law], Body Worn Camera footage accessibility through D.C. Freedom of Information Act); the root cause for the Department’s extremely high attrition, and our oppressive internal discipline system. We also discussed at length the Union’s written response to the illegal dirt bike and ATV problem and the failure of the Office of the Attorney General and the Judges of the D.C. Superior Court to hold arrestees accountable for violating the law and making our roadways more dangerous. The Union’s input has received a positive response from City Council members all of whom pledge to continue working with us to improve the conditions within the MPD. Chairman Burton also participated in the City Council’s 21st Century Policing Round Table.

Relationship with our citizens: After developing we have received some media attention as well as appreciation from the citizens who use our interactive crime map and receive our daily news updates. We also are scheduled to attend PSA meetings throughout the city where we can address issues that affect both the membership and the citizens.

Presence in the media: Every member of the Executive Committee has spoken to the media, we have had interviews aired in local, national, and international outlets. The topics have ranged from attrition issues, equipment, new laws, and misconduct by high ranking management officials. Chairman Burton has also participated in multiple forums concerning police work. The video and audio files are posted on the Union’s Facebook and web pages.

Roll Call/Element visits: The D.C. Police Union has visited many roll calls throughout the city. In these roll calls we were able to speak directly to the membership. After certain roll calls we also had opportunities to speak to the Element’s managers on occasion to make ensure management understands our positions.

Finally, we appreciate and need your feedback positive and negative in order to continue improving the delivery of service and information. Please read our Monthly Newsletters for more updates about what is going on with your Union at

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