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DC Crime Summary – February 3rd – 9th

While there was no homicide this past week, there have been 8 so far this year in the District.

After Robert Leroi Wiggins died in a stabbing, his girlfriend, 36-year-old Sean Maichael Baker, was charged with second-degree murder while armed. The suspect was previously charged with assault with the intent to kill.

Justin Headspeth, 23, was arrested in connection with shooting two school administrators sitting in a parked vehicle in the Barry Farm neighborhood a few weeks ago. The suspect was formally charged with two counts of assault with the intent to kill.

Sean Duelle Foster, 47, was arrested and charged with the first-degree sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl in the Brentwood neighborhood.

A toddler and a man were injured in a shooting on Georgia Avenue in upper Northwest Saturday night. The victims were taken to a local hospital, and no suspect information is available at this time.

Two adults and two juveniles were injured in a shooting Wednesday, February 3rd, in Anacostia. The victims were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and no suspect information is available at this time.

Thomas Matthew Collodel, 33, was arrested and arrested in connection with breaking into a hotel, businesses, a restaurant, and an apartment building. The suspect was originally identified after he logged into his Twitter account at a hotel he burglarized.

Over the past week, DC Police have arrested 13 different suspects in connection with 19 robberies in the District.

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City-Wide Highlights

While there was no homicide this past week, there have been 8 so far this year in the District. • So far this year, there have been 34 incidents of sexual abuse reported in the District. • There were 6 incidents of sexual abuse and 28 armed robberies with a gun reported this past week in DC. • Armed robberies with a gun have increased about 78% compared to the same time last year. • There were 570 total crimes in DC this past week including 99 violent crimes.

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Latest Crime Stats

Recent Crime News

February 9th

Washington Post: Suspect charged in daytime killing in Southeast last year “A suspect was charged Tuesday in a daytime killing that occurred in November in Southeast Washington, the D.C. police said. They said William Lee Lewis, 20, of Southeast, was charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Tyree Banks, 19, of Southeast.”

WJLA: D.C. woman arrested for stabbing person sleeping in a chair “A 29-year-old woman was arrested for stabbing an unidentified person sleeping in a chair Tuesday morning in northeast Washington. Police said Janet Daniels of southeast Washington was charged with assault with intent to kill.”

Washington Post: Police investigating crash after driver fled traffic stop near Nationals Park “A crash Sunday near Nationals Park that left three people injured — one of them critically — was caused by a driver who sped away from a D.C. police officer who tried to pull him over for a traffic infraction, according to a department spokesman.”

WJLA: Person of interest wanted for car theft in Northwest D.C. “Metropolitan Police are searching for a person of interest wanted for a car theft that occurred on Milmarson Place in northwest Washington on Jan. 30, 2016. A YouTube video was released by police to gain the public’s assistance with identifying the person of interest.”

February 8th

Washington Post: Police arrest suspect sought in shootings of school administrators “A D.C. high school administrator shot last month told police that he believes he was targeted by a man he knows from his old neighborhood in Barry Farm and who he alleged killed his brother in 2007.”

WJLA: Police: 2 men wanted for carjacking in Northeast D.C. “A carjacking occurred on Kenilworth Avenue in northeast Washington Monday afternoon. Police said they’re searching for two black males in a blue Nissan Altima. The two men were last seen in the 3300 block of Ames Street, NE.”

February 7th

Washington Post: Toddler struck by bullet in late night shooting on Georgia Avenue NW “A toddler and a man were both wounded in a shooting Saturday night on upper Georgia Avenue NW, D.C. police said. The toddler’s neck was grazed by a bullet, during the gunfire in the 5400 block of the avenue, said Lt. Sean Conboy, a police spokesman. Conboy said the small boy was inside a business when a bullet came through the window.”

WJLA: Police: Man wanted for robbery in Northeast D.C. “The Metropolitan Police are searching for a man wanted for a robbery in the 300 block of V Street in northeast Washington early Sunday morning.”

WUSA9: Girl reportedly assaulted on Metro “Metro Police are investigating yet another attack at the Gallery Place station. They said a teenage girl reported being attacked by another group of girls Friday night. She suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital.”

February 5th

Washington Post: D.C. police arrest 13 suspects in 19 robberies across the District “D.C. police in the past week arrested 13 suspects in 19 robberies of people and businesses across the District, including one man who authorities said was charged in six holdups in which a gun was used or hinted at.”

DC graduate student was attacked by a group of girls on Thursday

February 4th

Washington Post: Woman charged with assault after stabbing her boyfriend is charged with murder after he dies “A woman who was initially charged with assault after stabbing her boyfriend during a dispute in Southeast Washington last month now faces a murder count after the victim died at a hospital on Sunday, according to D.C. police. Sean Maichael Baker, 36, was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder while armed. She had been charged with assault with intent to kill while armed. She has a preliminary hearing on Friday in D.C. Superior Court.”

Washington Post: Man charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old girl in Northeast “A 47-year-old man has been charged with sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in the Brentwood neighborhood of Northeast Washington, according to D.C. police. Sean Duelle Foster, of Northeast, was charged with first-degree sex abuse and has been ordered detained until a preliminary hearing on Monday.”

WJLA: Clothing store robbed in D.C. “Police are searching for two individuals in connection to a clothing store robbery on the 1900 block of 18th St., N.W. on Thursday, Dec. 31, the Metropolitan Police said.”

Washington Post: Youth charged with making threats against District schools “A juvenile has been arrested in connection with making a series of threatening phone calls to four schools in Northeast and Southeast Washington, according to D.C. police.”

Herbert Jones was sentenced to 180 days in prison after being charged with destruction of property

February 3rd

Washington Post: Four are shot in Anacostia, including two juveniles “Four people were shot and wounded Wednesday night, including two juveniles, during a incident on a residential block of Anacostia in Southeast Washington, D.C. police said.”

Washington Post: Suspected burglar helps police by signing on to his own Twitter account during break-in “A man from Virginia who D.C. police said burglarized a hotel, a restaurant, the front desk of an apartment building and other Northwest Washington businesses has been arrested.”

WJLA: Metropolitan Police post surveillance videos on YouTube to capture criminals “Metropolitan Police have released surveillance videos of crimes on YouTube as a strategy to capture criminals in the act. ABC7 News reporter Sam Ford was live in Washington with more details.”

Crime Tip of the Week

There were 39 burglaries this past week, and there have been 191 total so far this year in the District. To better protect your home or apartment from burglary, keep in mind the following tips.

Homes that have been burglarized before are the most vulnerable to future burglaries. If someone has broken into your home or apartment, it is a good idea to take preventative measures to protect it. Installing a strong lock on all external doors and first-floor windows is a good start.
Do not leave ladders or sharp objects outside on your property. These items can be used to smash a window and enter your home.
Lastly, do not leave a key under your doormat or anywhere outside. Criminals are always on the lookout for keys and they will use them to enter your home.

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