By Law 3.3 Official Amendment Resolution

Official Resolution

View the Official Resolution document here. Full text below.

The Executive Committee of the FOP/MPD Labor Committee, DC Police Union, has voted on and approved by majority vote the following resolution to recommend the following change to organizational by-law 3.3. after being reviewed and approved by council.

3.3. An applicant for membership shall become a member upon executing the applicable forms, including a voluntary dues checkoff form. The annual dues shall be at the rate of 2% of the entry level salary for bargaining unit members. In the event that dues checkoff is not available to the LABOR COMMITTEE, members shall pay their dues directly to the treasury not later than ten days after the quarter in which incurred. From the amount collected as dues an amount equal to the annual dues of the FOP Lodge shall be paid to the FOP Lodge. Membership in the LABOR COMMITTEE shall automatically entitle the member to full membership in the FOP Lodge after the approval process of the FOP Lodge is complete. A LABOR COMMITTEE member may elect not to become an FOP Lodge member, and such LABOR COMMITTEE member’s dues shall be prorated accordingly. All pro rata refunds on account of a LABOR COMMITTEE member’s election to not be a FOP Lodge member shall be made at the end of the applicable calendar year.

Jimmy White

Matthew Mahl


Learn more about the Dues Increase here. Full text below.

o Dues are currently* 1% of $55,362.01 starting salary, $21.29 per pay period

  • The lowest of any Major City Dues
  • One of the lowest in the area average is around $42 per month

o Proposed increase to 2% would be $42.58 per pay period

o Increase would provide permanent funding for top end legal defenses

  • Arbitrations over an 85% win rate
  • Public Employee Relations Board 92 to 96% win rate
  • PD42 appeals
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Ongoing appeal and settlements

o Increase would allow a much greater outreach to citizens to inform them and rally their support

  • DC Police Union Web Page
  • Flyers and Mailers
  • Public relations officer/civilian
  • Community Functions and outreach

A special general membership meeting to vote on the by-law change will be held on September 30 from 0600 to 1900 hours at MPA, 6D, 1D, 3D.

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