Appointment of Committee Chairs

Chairman Mahl would like to announce and congratulate the following members who will serve as Chairs on the listed Committees.

Arbitration MPO K. Brittingham
Bargaining Ofc. W. Smith
Legislation Ofc. M.Nardi
Judiciary Det. G. Pemberton
Audit Sgt. M. Mahl
Health/Welfare Ofc. E. Jones
Election Ofc. J.K. Johnson
Publications Ofc. P. Reuter
Commissary Ofc. M. Tucker
Catastrophic Leave Ofc. C. Alvarez
Training Ofc. S. Bigelow
By-Law Ofc. H. Rosario
Legal Services MPO B. Fetting
Traffic Crash Ofc. S. Franchak
Use of Force /td> Ofc. H. Rosario
Equipment/Uniform MPO B. Fetting
Safety Board MPO R. Underwood

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