Statement on Shooting Last Night

Every day is a reminder of just how dangerous and demanding this job can be. Last night, two (2) of our members were involved in an incident that resulted in both officers being struck by gunfire.


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Chairman’s Statement Regarding Inaugural Detail

Every 4 years the Metropolitan Police Department is host to thousands of police officers from around the country as we swear in the newly elected President of the United States.

Having been on the agency for 13 years now, I have had the honor of being a part of this unique experience three times prior to this year’s Presidential Inauguration.

In inaugurations past I have maintained the section, toed the line, and worked with Special Operations. This year was by far, however, the most rewarding and invigorating experiences being your Union Chairman. I was able to meet with active and retired members, help dispel rumor and spread facts. I was also able to get out and deliver food to the men and women who protected our city for hours upon hours on the front line.


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Holiday Message from Chairman Mahl

As we enter the unofficial start of this long holiday season, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the service you provide to the residents and visitors of the District of Columbia, as well as some professional and personal safety reminders during these times.


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Statement regarding the new “SPO Act”

How the new “SPO ACT” is hurting membership

Gregg Pemberton, Treasurer

On September 20, 2016, the District of Columbia Council enacted the Senior Law Enforcement Officer Emergency Act of 2016. This legislation enables the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) to hire retired members of the department back as Detective Grade 1s and Sergeants without liability for the annuity offset.


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2D Special Election Announcement


Leo Brown has resigned from his elected position as the Second District Chief Shop Steward. Pursuant to Article 5.9 of the FOP/MPD By-Laws, within 30 days a Special Election shall be held to elect a replacement to serve out the remainder of the 2016 - 2018 term, the 2016 - 2018 term ends March 31, 2018.


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Our Response to DC Judiciary Committee’s Proposed Legislation

Kenyan McDuffie

Committee on the Judiciary
Council of the District of Columbia
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20004

Dear Chairman McDuffie,

As you know, I am the chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee (Union), the labor union which represents the approximately 3,400 police officers, detectives and sergeants of the Metropolitan Police Department. I am writing you to voice the Union’s objection to the “Senior Law Enforcement Officer Amendment Act of 2016” in its current form. The Union is opposed to this legislation for the following reasons:


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DC Crime Summary – October 1st - October 7th, 2016

There was one homicide and several other violent crimes this week in the District. • Timothy Lassister, 37, of Northeast, was fatally shot Wednesday night in the Fort Lincoln area near the Maryland border. No suspect information is available at this time. • Antwan Buchanan, 41, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder while armed for the Sept. 13 fatal shooting of Tesean Jermaine Ashe, 18, near the Carver/Langston neighborhood. • A man was stabbed multiple times near a 7-Eleven in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood early Saturday morning. The victim was transported to a local hospital conscious and breathing. No suspect information is available at this time. • Brian Craig Webster, 33, of Hyattsville, Md., was arrested in connection with two separate armed sexual assaults and burglaries on Aug. 28 and early Saturday morning, both in the Hill East neighborhood. • A man was shot and critically wounded late Tuesday in the Trinidad neighborhood. The victim was taken to an area hospital, where he was listed in critical but stable condition. No suspect information is available at this time. • A woman was shot Tuesday morning near the Washington Highlands neighborhood. The woman was conscious when taken to a local hospital. Authorities are asking for people to look out for a black woman driving a silver Hyundai. • Three juvenile girls were stabbed near Grant Park on Tuesday afternoon. All three of the girls are reportedly conscious and breathing. Two of the girls were arrested.

Visit to see the latest crime alerts and trends.


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AHOD Rebuttal Statement


I hope everyone is well. I wanted to take a moment and respond to an email that was sent to a large number of you by another member. I know the AHOD settlement continues to be a much discussed topic; it is necessary however to respond to an email that was sent out before putting this to bed and moving on toward contract negotiations.


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Contract Announcement


I hope this finds everyone well. We are now at the time where the Union Leadership needs to focus on Contract Negotiations. As you are aware, our current contract expires on September 30, 2017. There have been many factors that have slowed the process down, but we now have a clear path to engage the City and Department in contract negotiations.


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As many are by now aware, over the weekend information was disseminated about an AHOD Settlement that was reached between the Union and Department. I wanted to first apologize for how the information was leaked out, and explain why the Union was not the first voice in making this announcement.


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Statement Regarding Vote To Amend Bylaw 3.3


As most of you are aware, the Executive Council of the DC Police Union brought to you a proposed Bylaw change to increase the dues we pay. On behalf of the entire Metropolitan Police Labor Committee’s Executive Council, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in yesterday’s vote.


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Statement Regarding Mayor’s Decision to Release BWC Footage of Officer-Involved Shooting


The Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee - D.C. Police Union would like to take this opportunity to strongly condemn, in the most vehement terms, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s decision to release the body-worn camera footage of an officer-involved shooting that happened in the Third Police District on September 11, 2016 before the conclusion of the investigation.


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DC Crime Summary – September 16th - September 23rd, 2016

There were four homicides and several other violent crimes this week in the District. • Scorpio-Rodney Alonzo Phillips, 31, and Zoruan Otto Harris, 18, of Southeast, were shot and killed on Saturday at a community event in the Barry Farm neighborhood. Seven other people were injured in that shooting. No suspect information is available at this time. • Dorian Woodson, 28, of Northeast, was fatally shot on Saturday night near the Deanwood neighborhood. No suspect information is available at this time. • Eric Garrett, 23, of Northwest, died in the hospital Sunday after being shot near Le Droit Park and Howard University on Sept. 12. No suspect information is available at this time. • On Monday, Jalonte Litte, 26, of Southeast, became the second man arrested in the killing of Deeniqua Dodds in the Capitol View neighborhood on July 4. Last week, police announced the arrest of Shareem Hall, 22, of District Heights, Md. • A man was allegedly carjacked at gunpoint by two black males and one black female near Nationals Park and Navy Yard at about 2AM Wednesday morning. The three suspects left the scene in a 2013 dark gray Subaru Impreza. No arrests have been made. • A man and woman were injured in a shooting near the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Both victims were conscious when they were taken to the hospital. No suspect information is available at this time. • A man was shot early Thursday morning near Le Droit park and Howard University. The man was found conscious and breathing. No suspect information is available. • Sergio Waldo Velaquez-Cardozo, 34, of Falls Church, has been charged with third-degree sexual abuse after he allegedly groped a woman in Georgetown.

Visit to see the latest crime alerts and trends.


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As we wrap up fiscal year 2015-16, a number of reviews and year end reports will be created. As the Treasurer of the DC Police Union, it’s my job to evaluate our financial situation and determine the health of our accounts, budgets, and coffers.

At this time last year, I announced a proposal to increase the revenue of the Union by way of a proposal for an increase in Union dues. While we made a strident effort to get support for the proposal, it did not pass the referendum of the membership in the December vote.

After the referendum failed to pass, we made a number of adjustments that allowed us to extend some of the looming issues regarding our budgets and revenue; however, the issues of a revenue gap remain on the horizon.


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Presidential Endorsement Statement


Recently, the National Fraternal Order of Police has announced that they will endorse Republican nominee Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election. The current election cycle has been proven to be extremely divisive, both to our own members and the American electorate at large. In keeping with our current policy of declining to endorse political candidates, the Metropolitan Police Department Labor Committee will not be endorsing any candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Furthermore, we fully support our parent organization, the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge One in doing the same.


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By Law 3.3 Official Amendment Resolution

The Executive Committee of the FOP/MPD Labor Committee, DC Police Union, has voted on and approved by majority vote the following resolution to recommend the following change to organizational by-law 3.3. after being reviewed and approved by council.

View the Official Resolution document here.

Learn more about the Dues Increase here.

A special general membership meeting to vote on the by-law change will be held on September 30 from 0600 to 1900 hours at MPA, 6D, 1D, 3D.


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It has been brought to the attention of the Union that there has been a large uptick in tickets being issued to officers parked around Police Headquarters and the Superior Court Building.
While we understand this is not a new issue, there has been some concern on the number of tickets that have been issued in the areas. The Union along with several members that are assigned to Headquarters met with DPW on Wednesday of this week to try and work some of these issues out. Unfortunately immediately after this meeting the ticketing went into hyper drive.


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COA Statement


The DC Court of Appeals (our highest court) has published its opinion regarding a very important issue to our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA). We asked the court “whether the [DC City] Council’s (Council) decision to accept or reject an arbitration award under D.C. Code § 1-617.17 [Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act (CMPA)] is subject to judicial review…” They determined it was not.


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Resolving Issues with FOP Lodge #1 Dues Reimbursements

In early 2015, shortly after we launched our new website, the Union offered members an opportunity to ‘Opt-In’ or ‘Opt-Out’ of paying dues to FOP Lodge #1 via a web portal. Some member’s opted-in, while others opted-out. Those who opted-out were slated to receive a dues reimbursement of their Lodge dues, per Article 3 Section 3 of the Union’s By-laws. Keep in mind Lodge dues are a separate amount from your Union dues—The Lodge Dues are currently $45/year and are included in your Union Dues payments.


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Chairman Mahl’s Statement Regarding the DC Council’s Irresponsible Resolution


We are in receipt of the proposed resolution by the city council that demands increased scrutiny of all MPD policies and procedures as they relate to recently reported uses of force by officers of police departments outside of the District of Columbia. It is our position that this resolution accomplishes no relevant goal. In fact, it is a redundant measure given the checks and balances currently in place for the legislative and executive to monitor our Department. Regrettably, this resolution appears highly political and implies a mistrust of our current policies and procedures, despite the fact that the facts have shown that our members, through those policies and procedures, conduct themselves in a professional and tempered manner within the bounds of what is morally and legally correct.


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Chairman Mahl’s Statement Regarding Release of BWC Footage

As most of you are aware, the Mayor’s Office has made the decision to release body camera footage of a police-involved shooting that took place on June 27 in the Fourth District.

I watched this video early this morning, and I would like to say first and foremost how proud I am of all the members involved in this situation. Your dedication to duty and respect for life are clearly portrayed in the video I watched.


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Letter to the Editor

Editor Hazzard,

My name is Jimmy White and I am the Secretary for the Fraternal Order of Police, Metropolitan Police Labor Committee (DC Police Union). I am writing to you concerning an article written by your Contributor, Jeffrey Anderson, and published by your paper this morning (July 1, 2016) at 8:23 A.M.


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4-10 Pilot Program in Third District

I know there has been a considerable number of rumors and talk about starting an alternative workweek schedule for patrol officers, and in fact this was one of the main scheduling concerns that I heard while campaigning with my team.

I can finally say that the rumors are true. With the help of Chief Shop Steward Ben Fetting and Chief Lanier, we are finally at a point where implementing a pilot program for the Third District is happening. In the very near future, PSA members of the Third District will be holding a matrix in order to facilitate the implementation of a ten-hour day, four days per week schedule (4-10s).


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Union Statement Regarding AHOD


It has been brought to my attention that an inflammatory statement has been circulating amongst the membership. I want to get ahead of these lies and set the record straight.


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Retention Initiatives

How YOUR DC Police Union is Representing YOUR Interests

Members: I hope this message finds you all well. I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify YOUR DC Police Union’s position when it comes to retention and the initiatives the Department/City have proposed. Additionally, I believe some clarification is necessary regarding yesterday’s City Paper article focusing on retention.


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BWC Safety Testing

Recently some members have expressed concerns about the potential negative health effects of wearing body-worn cameras. Chairman of our Safety Committee and 6D Chief Shop Steward Ofc. Robert Underwood researched the issue and shared the concern with MPD and the manufacturer. In short, during testing the cameras released so little energy that the testing equipment wasn’t able to detect any measurable amounts. Meaning that these cameras produce no emissions that are known to cause any adverse health effects.


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Police Week Message

It is fitting and proper that we express our gratitude for the dedicated service and courageous deeds of law enforcement officers and for the contributions they have made to the security and well-being of all our people. This was said by President John F. Kennedy on October 1, 1962 when he signed into law, National Peace Officer Memorial Day.

Since the first recorded death of a police officer, Constable Darius Quimby in 1791, 20,858 law enforcement officers have sacrificed their lives serving the Communities and this Country, they swore an oath to protect. This week we honor their lives and honor the survivors they leave behind.


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FUNERAL: Retired MPD Officer Bob Vacin

A funeral will be held for retired MPD Officer Bob Vacin, who died unexpectedly. His Memorial Mass will be held Thursday, May 19th at 12 PM, and a reflection will be held a couple of hours earlier at 10 AM. The services will all take place St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 4590 St. Joseph Way, Pomfret, Maryland 20675.


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Passing of Sergeant Buddy Eugene Smallwood

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you all that Sergeant Buddy Eugene Smallwood has been called home, and now sits with his Creator, and all those who have gone before us.


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Law Enforcement Night May 14 Washington Nationals Police Week

The Washington Nationals and the Major League Baseball have teamed up with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund to show our appreciation for the men and women during National Police Week who serve as law enforcement officers, corrections officers, public safety and first responders. Your Washington Nationals and the Memorial Fund invite you, your friends, family and the general public to join us for the annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day in Washington D.C during National Police Week on Saturday May 14th at 7:05pm at Nationals Park.


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Recent PERB Settlements

I hope this message finds you all well. I have been receiving inquiries after the NBC 4 interview of the new union leadership last Friday, regarding the PERB settlements that were reached, and wanted to share that information with everyone.

As most are well aware, during our campaign we spoke a lot about the backlog of PERB and arbitration cases that are clogging up the system. These cases at times take upwards of six years to be heard. Although things are starting to move a little faster, I find the long time it takes to advance these cases do our membership a disservice. I promised to act on these issues, and made a vow to try and clear the systems up, in turn making it a more streamlined process. I would love nothing more than to have a case that needs to go before the PERB or an arbitrator to be heard within twelve months.


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7D Officers Receive Medal of Valor

“This is one of the most professional pursuits I have seen in my career,” said the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) Assistant Chief, Peter Newsham during an awards ceremony at the police department’s headquarters. Seventh Districts Officers Thomas and Bennett received the medal of valor for their swift response during an incident that occurred on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.


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MPA Chief Steward Special Election Announcement

As a result of the current MPA Chief Steward vacancy, a Special Election will be held to fill the vacancy. If you wish to nominate a Union member, the nomination must be submitted by Thursday, April 14 at 5:00 pm, and it must be delivered to DC Police Union Secretary Jimmy White at 1524 Pennsylvania Ave SE. Carolyn Totaro is the acting MPA Chief Steward and can be reached at 202-276-7394.


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Update: Chief Shop Steward MPA, Position

On April 1, 2016, the position of Chief Shop Steward, Metropolitan Police Academy fell vacant.

Therefore, pursuant to By-law 5.9, of the Fraternal Order of Police, Metropolitan Police Labor Committee By-laws, I am appointing Officer Carolyn Totaro, of the Metropolitan Police Academy, as Acting Chief Shop Steward for the Metropolitan Police Academy.


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Message from Chairman Matthew Mahl

As the first day of my two year term has arrived, as your new Chairman; I want to convey, to you, the excitement and eagerness I embody bringing to fruition the strategies and ideas that I know will benefit the Members of our unshakable Department.


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2016 Shop Steward Election Results

The Shop Steward Election results are complete. Congratulations to all the new representatives for the 2016-2018 term.


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General Membership Meeting

The DC Police Union is holding a General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, March 22nd at 1300 hours. It will take place at MPA’s Auditorium (4665 Blue Plains Drive SW).


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Fundraiser for Officer Sean Hickman

Three years ago, Officer Sean Hickman was intentionally struck by a vehicle and seriously injured. In an effort to support his healing, a fundraiser is planned for tomorrow (Saturday, March 5th) at Kelly’s Irish Times (14 F Street NW). It will take place from 1800 - 2100 hours, and a $20 donation is requested upon arrival. We hope to see you there, and if you cannot make it, you can still donate by contacting 2D Officer Dave Mosley.


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Shop Steward Election

An election for Shop Stewards will be held Tuesday, March 8th. Polls will be open from 0600 hours to 1900 hours, and polling locations will include police stations in Districts 1 - 7, the Metropolitan Police Academy (4665 Blue Plaines Drive SW), and MPD Headquarters’ CID line up room (300 Indiana Avenue NW).


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10 Important Winter Weather Tips

A blizzard is expected to hit the District starting Friday afternoon. Various media outlets have predicted that approximately 15 to 25 inches of snow will fall from Friday to Sunday, and it is important that everyone prepares for the storm.


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Nomination Notice

The DC Police Union will hold it’s quarterly General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, December 30th at the Fourth District Police Station (6001 Georgia Avenue, NW).


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December Newsletter

Our December Newsletter covers the latest issues concerning the Union. Check it out and learn about AHOD updates, your dental and vision insurance information, news regarding the DC Police Union and FOP Lodge #1’s reconciliation, and much more! You can also click here to view the newsletter as a pdf.


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Celebrate National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D)

On January 9th, 2016, organizations across the country will be celebrating National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D). You can show your support for our law enforcement by wearing blue clothing, sending a card of appreciation to your local law enforcement officials, or proudly displaying a blue light in front of your home!


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What are the biggest issues that impact your work environment at MPD?

On December 2, 2015 members of the D.C. Police Union’s Executive Committee and MPD management met to discuss various issues affecting the membership. Topics such as unnecessary scheduling disruptions, unfair discipline, and mismanagement of our limited resources were discussed. While both MPD and the Union have had success resolving individual cases or cases that involve a small group of members, the broader issues that affect the majority of the membership seem to have had little chance of finding common ground.


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The Manpower Crisis Explained

Since January 1st, 2014, the Metropolitan Police Department has lost nearly 800 officers to retirement and resignations. That’s over 22% of the rank and file. We are quickly approaching a 14% attrition rate for police officers in DC, which is causing innumerable problems and complications in our ability to keep the streets safe. The DC Police Union took a closer look at how, and why, this is happening.


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Fact Check on Your Benefits

There’s quite a bit of misinformation about how dental and vision benefits are implemented for members. It seems there is some confusion about how we got where we are, and why some people are having issues. It’s important that everyone understands their benefits and how they work, or why they don’t.


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DC Police Union and DC FOP Lodge #1 moving forward together to represent a shared membership

On November 18, 2015 DC FOP Lodge #1 held its general election for their Board of Directors for the 2016-2018 term. Members of the DC Police Union Executive Committee were present. After the votes were casted, tallied, and announced the DC Police Union congratulated a new leadership team that wants to improve the lodge’s relationship with the Union and get more involved with all the affiliated labor committees.


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November Newsletter

The DC Police Union has released its November newsletter. It covers topics such as AHOD, Photo Radar Tickets, an update regarding Class/Group Grievances and Arbitration decisions, and much more!


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Youth Division Chief Steward Special Election

A Special Election will be held on Tuesday, November 17th for the Youth Division Chief Steward. It will take place at the Youth Division Community Room at 5002 Hayes Street NE, and polls will be open from 0600 hours to 2000 hours.


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Winter Clothing Drive

For the upcoming winter the Union has created an initiative to help ensure underprivileged school age children have the proper clothing to keep themselves warm.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Dental and Vision Insurance

It has come to the D.C. Police Union’s attention that some members are being told by their healthcare providers (both dental and vision) that they do not accept United Healthcare. If you are being told this please contact the Union’s Office Manager Karen Ealley at 202-548-8300 with your providers name and location. She will then reach out to United Healthcare and try to have the desired provider added to the network.


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October Newsletter

The October Newsletter is here! It covers topics such as AHOD, the proposed dues increase, why it is so important for the DC Police Union to engage the community, Chief Lanier’s poor management, and more.


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Integrity versus loyalty

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier is often portrayed by an admiring media as an almost uniquely popular and effective law enforcement leader, who has made the District safer than ever by putting together one of the most effective big city police departments in the country.

Sometimes what is reported is the result of spin and public relations rather than fact. District police officers had an opportunity in August to express an opinion of Chief Cathy Lanier. Of those who voted, 97.5 percent cast a “no confidence” vote. The results were released on Aug. 31 by the D.C. Police Union shortly after Chief Lanier had told a WAMU radio questioner that she “was taking the vote seriously.” Her attitude changed significantly once the results were known, however, demonstrating once again to those who look to her for leadership why the vote came out as it did.


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UPDATE: Chief Steward Resignation

Jeffrey Madison has resigned from his position as the Communications Division and Fleet Management Division’s Chief Steward. A Special Election will be held to determine his replacement for the remainder of the 2014-2016 term. Please click here to see the official announcement and learn more.


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Dear Members:

Our annual “Open Season” for the Dental and Vision plans begins on October 5, 2015, and runs until midnight on October 20, 2015.

Once again, United Healthcare will be the provider for both the Dental (DHMO and DPPO) and the Vision plans. All plans still include the same enhanced benefits, and for the DPPO buy-up plan, bi-weekly member costs are not changing!

This year everyone is required to log-in and verify their contact information is correct, even if you are not making any other changes.


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The DC Court of Appeals Continues a Disturbing Trend

The decision today by the D.C. Court of Appeals in Rodriguez, et al. v. District of Columbia, et al., continues a disturbing trend in the D.C. judiciary of stripping the Whistleblower Protection Act (“WPA”) of all of its usefulness and protection for whistleblowers.


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September Newsletter

Check out our September Newsletter! It covers your rights when it comes to scheduling, an AHOD update, our No Confidence Vote: After Action Report, and more.

Click here to see the September Newsletter as a pdf!


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No Confidence Vote: After Action Report


As you are aware, The DC Police Union conducted a referendum of its members last weekend to determine whether or not our membership had confidence in Chief Lanier’s leadership of this agency and public safety in the District of Columbia. After a long week of media coverage on the Union’s position and the city’s response, we have compiled some information about our endeavor. Click the link below to download the entire report as a pdf:


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Union Members do not have confidence in Chief Lanier’s ability to manage MPD

Contact: Secretary Marinos Marinos –
Treasurer Gregg Pemberton –

As the city has reached the tragic number of 105 homicides before the end of August, which matches the total number of killings in 2014, the membership of the DC Police Union has become increasingly frustrated. Wave after wave of widespread violence has shaken this city and time after time, our officers have been told to stand fast. We’ve been told that the status quo is working and we’ve been forced into a corner of lackluster, feckless, inefficient enforcement and been required to stand by and watch while the leaders of the department doubled-down on their stop-gap, gimmicky tactics.


Posted August 31 2015 at 9:37 AM by DC Police Union Executive Committee | Permanent Link

Official Union Member Vote

DC Police Union Members,

Do you have confidence that Chief Cathy Lanier is able to properly manage the resources of the Metropolitan Police Department and keep the citizens safe? Please vote in our online poll at

Polling starts today and ends on Sunday, August 30th, at 6 PM ET. To ensure confidentiality, this vote is being conducted by a third party independent survey group. Your CAD number and the last four digits of your Social Security number are required for the integrity of the survey, but your responses cannot be retrieved or viewed by anyone once submitted.


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City Leadership Still Dismissive of the Community’s Call for Improved Police Services

Over the past few weeks, The DC Police Union has been inundated with an overwhelming amount of community support regarding our willingness to take ownership of the responsibility to protect our city and its citizens.

While repeatedly trying but failing to get through to MPD and District leadership about how dire the current situation had become, we also reached out to the community to engage in productive conversations and to offer common sense suggestions and proposals about ways to create an immediate positive effect on the alarming rise in violent crime. The Union was a part of many open and positive discussions at ANC meetings, in the media, in casual interactions on the street, and a number of places online. While there were a few people opposed to some of our specific plans, by and large citizens have applauded our efforts to find solutions.


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In this crisis of violence, this city needs effective policing, not feel good tactics

With homicides in the District quickly approaching triple digit numbers, shootings and armed robberies skyrocketing, and gun violence raging through all quadrants of the city, immediate measures need to be taken to address this epidemic.

In January of 2015, one of Chief Lanier’s directives went into effect that all vice investigations be turned over to a centralized narcotics unit. While the district vice units continued to exist, their responsibilities dwindled. A few months later, they were ordered to operate in full uniform, thus hamstringing their ability to conduct effective operations. At the end of May 2015, vice was disbanded completely and most officers were sent back to patrol. This is when crime began to spiral out of control.


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August Newsletter

Our Newsletter for August is here! Learn about the latest issues in the Union concerning our next General Membership Meeting, the status of AHOD, improvements the Executive Committee made in communicating with members, and the differences between details and assignments.

Click here to see the August Newsletter for yourself!


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Synthetic Marijuana: The Red Herring for DC’s Spike in Crime

After another violent week in D.C., five more people have been murdered, bringing this year’s total homicides to 84. The District is now on pace to see yearly totals we have not seen since 2008. The increasing murders aren’t the only problem. Both violent crime and property crime are following the same trends. The media has turned to the Chief and the Mayor for answers, and they’ll both tell you the same line: Synthetic marijuana is on the rise and causing unchecked violence. What they won’t show you is any data that supports that position. No arrest stats, no seizures of the nefarious product, no statistics showing how the rise in use correlates to the violence, or even that there’s any rise in use in the first place. They’ll just give you some anecdotal evidence of a handful of overdoses, an increase in ambulance trips to the ER, and some stories of bizarre behavior exhibited by users (which is akin to users of PCP―a notorious D.C. street drug). After describing the irrational actions of users, the administration then leaps to the conclusion that this is the reason that thefts, robberies, burglaries, assaults, and even murders are skyrocketing. So the question is this: How could these issues be so intertwined? Well, the D.C. Police Union doesn’t believe they are.


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Improvements in DC Police Union Leadership

Since beginning the 2014-2016 term the D.C. Police Union’s Executive Committee has been receiving constructive criticism from our membership about shortcomings of the Union and ideas on how to make things better. We have also taken a proactive approach to improving ourselves and making sure that our membership receives the proper representation. Listed below are examples of improvements and new methods and procedures used by the Union’s leadership team to improve representation and keep our membership involved and informed.


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Why DC Police Union Grievances are Backlogged at PERB

The Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) is an independent D.C. Government agency that resolves disputes between the Government and labor organizations. Once a decision is made at arbitration, either party can appeal to the PERB. In order to review these cases, the PERB committee must have a quorum. During former Mayor Adrian Fenty’s tenure, he and the then AG, Peter Nickles, began a policy of appealing all arbitration decisions to the PERB, while meanwhile reducing the size of the PERB committee to one. This tactic prevented the PERB from ever establishing a quorum, causing our grievance procedure to grind to an absolute halt, for years.


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What’s the difference between D.C. FOP Lodge 1 and the D.C. Police Union?

After Chairman Burton’s memorandum to the membership concerning the dues increase passed by the Fraternal Order of Police Jerrard F. Young District of Columbia Lodge No. 1 (the Lodge), I received a lot of feedback asking the same general questions: “What’s the difference?” and “Why?” Explaining the structure of the Lodge and the multiple Unions affiliated with it can be confusing. In this article, I will attempt to clarify those differences.


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Request for Service Box

MEMBERS: The DC Police Union has launched a Request for Service Box as part of a larger effort to continue to reach out to our membership. This box is a great way for union members to submit representational requests or any other union matter requests.


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July Newsletter

MEMBERS: Here is our July Newsletter! It covers topics such as AHOD, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Poisonous Affect of Bad Faith in the Labor Management Relationship, and more.

Click here to check out the Newsletter and learn about the latest issues surrounding our Union!


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Joint Statement on the Metropolitan Police Department’s Body Worn Camera Program

Mayor Muriel Bowser, in April, proposed outfitting every patrol officer with a body-worn camera to record interactions with the public. She announced the expansion at her State of the District address, claiming “[a]ccountability is embedded, and will be embedded in everything this administration does.” The goals were to improve interactions with civilians, assist investigations of officer misconduct, and promote public trust of the MPD. The cost: $5.1 million in fiscal year 2016 and a blanket exemption denying the public access to the videos.


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D.C. Lodge No. 1 Dues Increase

As you probably know, all members of the DC Police Union are entitled to membership in the Grand Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police’s local chapter - District of Columbia Lodge No. 1. The DC Lodge No.1 is not a union, but it is a social organization affiliated with the DC Police Union. Recently, the Lodge significantly increased its dues by $23,000 per year. This means the Union will have less money to spend towards programs that affect your daily lives.


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The Poisonous Affect of Bad Faith in the Labor Management Relationship

While I was campaigning at patrol districts, I constantly heard from members “Please have a better relationship with management.” When the new term began, the Chairman met with MPD management and the Union hoped to rebuild what was a tense relationship through open communication and regularly scheduled meetings.

During one of the meetings, the Union and management came to a verbal agreement that before any major decisions were made that would significantly affect either side, (Class Grievances, Scheduling, Etc.) the other party would notify the other ahead of time in an effort to bargain where it’s required and come to an agreement. The Union honored the agreement and delayed serving a Class Grievance to the Chief in an effort to come to a compromise informally.


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ATVs and Dirt Bikes on City Streets: Most Arrests Go Unpunished by the Courts

Washington D.C. – If you live in or frequent the District, you’re probably familiar with roving bands of ATVs and Dirt Bikes traversing the city on public roads. You may also be familiar with the repeated stories of injuries and violence associated with this activity. You may also be asking, “Why aren’t the police stopping this?”

But here is the truth: DC Police Officers are doing everything they can to stop the use of illegal ATVs and dirt bikes but stricter penalties need to be enforced in order to deter the crime.


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June Newsletter

MEMBERS: Here is the second issue of our new Newsletter covering topics such as the overtime adjustments, your rights as a police officer, the status of our collective bargaining agreement, and more!


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APO Rebuttal

By: Greggory Pemberton
DC Police Union

Last week, published an article titled, “DC’s assaulting an officer charge could hide police abuse, critics say.” I always love the scapegoat, “critics say”. It’s a red flag that what you’re about to read is likely flawed and the writer wants to distance themselves from ownership.

The article attempted to establish that analysis of 2,000 arrests in the District of Columbia showed a possibility of police abuse in the city; however, it does not specify if those 2,000 arrests were all of the Assaulting a Police Officer (APO) arrests, or exactly what time frame in which they occurred. It also does not cite what agency made those arrests. The data the writers refer to is not published or cited, nor is it even elaborated upon, giving the reader no opportunity to examine the findings on their own. While the article cited a number of unsupported statistics, it failed to demonstrate logical inferences that would lead to the conclusion of the title.


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Special Election Update

Mary Bonaccorsy has resigned from her elected position in the DC Police Union’s Executive Council as Treasurer. As a result there will be a Special Election June 2nd to fill the position of Treasurer. Please click here to learn more about where you should vote and click here to learn about the Union’s rules pertaining Special Elections.


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Police Work, Nothing Should Be Treated As Routine

By Hiram Rosario, Chief Shop Steward, Seventh District

“Police work, nothing should be treated as routine, police officers shall not be using the term routine patrol, routine traffic stop, etc. There is nothing routine about patrol or we will never have officers killed or injured in the line of duty. As police officers we need to treat any police interaction as a serious matter, and not routine. Moreover, as police officers, we should use one of boxing’s rules, “protect yourself at all times”, if we take that approach, and not treat police interactions as routine, I strongly believe that police officer’s survivor rate will be greater.” A routine is something such as the sunset and sundown…


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Police Body Cameras

Over the next 18 months, the District government and Metropolitan Police Department have committed to purchasing 2,800 body cameras. These body cameras will be placed on DC Police Officers, and they will record DC Police Officers interacting with the community. The DC Police Union fully supports the use of Body-Worn Cameras (BWC) because we believe increased transparency in policing benefits everyone.

With this said, City Government officials are proposing a blanket policy to limit the access of Police Body-Worn Camera video to the public. This policy is inconsistent with current city law as well as the District’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). And by limiting the access of BWC footage to the public, the blanket policy defeats the purpose of having the program in the first place.


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Nomination Notice

Colette Clemencia, Darrick Ross, and Mary Bonaccorsy have resigned from their elected position in the DC Police Union’s Executive Council. As a result, Chairman Burton has appointed Doris Brown as the Acting Chief Steward of ID & Records, Medgar Webster as the Acting Chief Steward of the Fourth District, and Greggory Pemberton as the Acting Treasurer.

To learn more about the nomination process, please click here.


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Retirement Celebration Honoring Detective Mary A. Bonaccorsy

On May 2, 2015 Treasurer Mary Bonaccorsy is resigning from her position from the DC Police Union as well as retiring from her position as a Detective Grade II from the Metropolitan Police Department after almost 30 years of service. The DC Police Union would like to congratulate her on a job well done! It was an honor working with her and the DC Police Union wishes her only the best.

To celebrate Detective Mary Bonaccorsy’s career and service, there will be a retirement party on Sunday June 7th. Please click here and see the details listed below to learn more.


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ACLU of Maryland Advocates Eliminating 5th Amendment Protection for Police Officers

The ACLU of Maryland Advocates Eliminating 5th Amendment Protection for Police Officers. During yesterday’s Kojo Namdi Show, David Rocah, a staff attorney for Maryland’s ACLU branch, said all officers in Md. should be compelled to provide statements “immediately” and complete reports whenever they use force. Check out the the full interview for yourself by clicking the link below:


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Over the past year, the DC Police Union has worked hard to inform members about relevant union news and make it easier for members to be engaged. As a natural extension of these efforts, we have launched a new Newsletter that provides an occasional overview of the most pressing issues facing members.

This Newsletter, which will be the first of several throughout the rest of the year, provides you with an overview of the Union’s state of affairs. It describes the latest news surrounding the All Hands on Deck Initiative, the Union’s increased online presence, the Court Automated Notification System, the Office of Police Complaints, the Union’s Arbitration, Member Benefits updates and other important information.


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Assistant Chief Anzallo is Guilty of Anti-Union Interference

On March 19, 2015 the Public Employee Relations Board unanimously voted to adopt Hearing Examiner Earl Shamwell’s findings that MPD intimated and interfered with a DC Police Union member who elected to go to the Union for assistance in an administrative matter.


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PERB Confirms MPD Official Retaliated

The Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) confirmed on March 25th that a high ranking MPD official broke the law by “fabricating” facts to justify retaliating against a DC police officer.


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Supporting Officer Abraham Lazarus

DC Police Union members and our supporters,

This morning at approximately 0400 hours, Officer Abraham Lazarus’ home caught fire. Luckily his family and retired police canine were able to make it out of the home safely. However, his home is a total loss along with all of his personal belonging and keepsakes. Officer Lazarus is also still trying to locate two personal family dogs that may have perished in the fire.


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Vision Insurance Information

Through the DC Police Union, your vision insurance policy is insured by United Healthcare as of January 1, 2015. For more information about the policy, network providers, and contacting United Healthcare please click here. If you have any questions about your vision insurance policy please contact Vice Chairman Wendell Cunningham at 202-548-8300.


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