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  • Support For Officer Trainer
    Posted On: May 22, 2018

    Support For Officer Brian Trainer
    “The DC Police Union Continues to support Officer Brian Trainer and his right to due process. Officer Trainer's Trial Board has concluded and to no ones surprise he was found guilty of all three charges with a recommendation for termination. I think it's safe to say that none of us were shocked by the outcome of this Trial Board.

    We knew the moment the Mayor and the Chief publicly called for his resignation that the outcome of the Trial Board was a forgone conclusion.  We know this because no command official with aspirations of getting promoted would defy the Chief or the Mayor!

    The three Judge tribunal consisting of Captain Robert Glover, Commander Morgan Kane and Captain Judith Mack were given the task of overseeing the Trial Board. Numerous witnesses described the actions of some of the tribunal members as hostile and accusatory towards Officer Trainer and his attorneys'.

    The tribunals job was simple, to hear the administrative charges brought against Officer Trainer and determine whether or not the facts presented to them were deserving of discipline up to termination. Not to prosecute the case for the Department. But they didn't stop their, they decided to charge Officer Trainer, and find him guilty of two additional violations of Department policy.

    I would like to point out one last ridiculous fact, only at MPD can you be charged with an unlawful vehicle pursuit from the passenger seat of a scout car. Needless to say, if they treat Officer Trainer this way they can treat any of us this way. For this reason we will fight this decision, we can not allow politics to interfere with the Trial Board process. We will not sit by while our members rights are violated."

    By: Stephen Bigelow Jr.

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